Residential Garbage Disposal Services in the Raleigh Area

Is a faulty garbage disposal causing headaches in your Raleigh, NC area kitchen? Call Pipetechs Plumbing Technologies at (919) 293-1221 and get professional garbage disposal services today!

Residential Garbage Disposal Services in Raleigh, NC area

Residential Garbage Disposal Services in Raleigh, NC area

Garbage disposals are designed to break down larger chunks of food waste into smaller pieces, ensuring that food waste can be passed down the sink and through the pipes easily and without causing damage to the pipes. These smaller appliances are a staple used for convenience in most homes, and they are placed under the kitchen sink out of sight. When they begin to malfunction however, not only do you lose the ability to break down food, it can also create a serious strain on your plumbing system. Allow our expert technicians to provide you with industry leading services to get your garbage disposal back in working order today. Before you call, find out what our past customers have to say about Pipetechs services!

What Are Common Garbage Disposal Problems?

While there are numerous problems that can develop with garbage disposals, there are two main problems that are most common. The first relates to food particles becoming clogged in the disposal or jammed in the blades. This can result in water and food particles backing up into the sink, and the sink may not be usable until a repair is made. The other problem relates to the garbage disposal motor itself simply shutting off. With some garbage disposals, the motor stops working, and you may believe that the motor has burned out and the unit requires a replacement. However, often, there is a quick fix solution to this common problem. Our technicians will thoroughly test and inspect the garbage disposal to make sure that the service performed is the actual service you need.

How Can You Avoid Garbage Disposal Repair Problems?

One of the best steps to take to avoid both of these common problems is to pay close attention to the type of food waste as well as the amount of waste that is placed in the disposal at one time. For example, some food waste products are simply not suitable to be placed in a disposal, such as corn cobs and potato peels. Take time to learn more about the types of food particles that your garbage disposal can and cannot handle. Then, be sure to only place smaller amounts of food into the disposal at a time. As you place items into the disposal, ensure that the garbage disposal and water are on so that the garbage disposal can begin chopping up the waste. Allow the disposal to run for a minute or two to ensure that all food waste has passed through the unit.

Additionally, by providing regular inspections and maintenance, you can extend the life of your garbage disposal substantially. More often than not we find that customers simply shove things down the disposal. This is never the best choice as it can create a serious plumbing situation in the long run. Call our technicians today to find out more ways in which garbage disposal issues can be avoided in your home.

How Are Garbage Disposal Repairs Performed?

There are several different steps you can take to repair a garbage disposal. For example, you can use a plunger to try to dislodge a clog in the sink or disposal. If the disposal appears to be jammed or is not functioning at all, pressing the red reset button found on the disposal unit under the sink often will resolve the problem. You can also attempt to reset the unit by flipping the circuit breaker switch that controls electricity to the garbage disposal. With that being said, DIY repairs are never recommended. More often than not they can create more serious repair issues. If you are noticing any garbage disposal issue call our technicians and get expert services today! We will perform industry leading repair issues to get your garbage disposal back into working conditions today!

What Is The Importance Of Professional Services?

While these common, quick fix solutions may have great results for a broken or clogged garbage disposal, they will not resolve all problems. Professional repair services may be necessary to determine what is wrong with your garbage disposal, and a professional technician can also provide you with fast, safe repairs. A garbage disposal can be dangerous to fix on your own because of the combination of water and electricity along with the very sharp blades inside the disposal unit. A professional technician can determine what type of repair work is needed and can provide the service, or the professional can replace the unit if necessary.

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