Why Should I Get My Pipes Video Inspected?

If you have ever wondered what the inside of your pipes look like now you can take a peek at them with in-line video inspections! OK, while I'm pretty sure most of us have never even given a second thought to what the inside of our pipes look like there are good reasons to have them inspected.

If you have noticed foul sewer smells, slow or backed up sewer lines (like a slow flushing toilet), or overgrown areas in your yard these may be symptoms of sewer/septic pipe problems. Foul smells may be caused by dry traps, in which case pouring water down drains will remedy the situation. Slow or backed up lines may be caused by debris or clogs which can be taken care of with a plumber's snake or hydrojetting. However, if you have to repeatedly take these corrective measures then something more serious could be the cause and a video inspection is a efficient way of pinpointing the issue.

What Can A Video Inspection Find?

Video inspections are good for doing all kinds of things including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Drain Line Inspections

  • Lift Station Inspections

  • Identify build up, cracks, bellies, breaks, root intrusion, separated joints, and deteriorating materials

  • Determine location of lines

If the video inspection shows root intrusion, for example, then Pipetechs can apply some RootX to remove the roots and allow your pipes to flow freely again. Or perhaps the inside of the pipe has degraded but the outside is still serviceable. In this case we can line the pipes with an epoxy extending their useful life. Video inspections allow us to pinpoint the location of whatever problem your pipes are experiencing meaning that the repair work will be less intrusive. Video inspections also help us diagnose the cause of a problem faster meaning the repair can be done sooner.

If you think you might need an in-line video inspection please call us at 919-293-1221.

We provide copies of the video upon request.