The Best Way To Unclog Stubborn Pipes

Has this ever happened to you? You run water in your sink only to find that it’s clogged. Or perhaps the water starts to actually back up in your tub or sink. Maybe your washer and dishwasher no longer drain as they should or your toilet doesn’t flush as well anymore. If this is the case then it is likely that your home is suffering from slow or clogged pipes. There are many things that can slow down or clog your pipes from foreign objects becoming lodged to grease build up or root intrusion.

Food Can Clog Your Pipes

Introducing foreign objects into your home’s pipes can create clogs. These objects can range from food washed down the kitchen sink to feminine hygiene products flushed down the toilet. These objects were not meant to be disposed of in such a manner and over time can create blocks in your home’s piping. The best way to deal with this type of clog is to not flush or wash these items into your home’s piping. Feminine hygiene products should be thrown out into the garbage. Placing strainers over your sink and tub drains will catch food and hair so you can throw them out instead of cleaning the clog out later.

Grease Can Clog Your Pipes

Another cause for clogged or slow pipes is grease. While hot grease is a liquid like water cold grease is a solid like butter. Over time grease can build up in your home’s piping and clog it much like it does in your arteries. While a home doesn’t suffer a heart attack as a result its drains and pipes will clog up and not work properly. Again the best way to deal with grease is to not pour it down the drain. You can obtain an inexpensive heat resistant container to collect and then throw out your grease. If your home’s pipes are clogged from grease right now then Pipetechs can come clean them with DynaClean-LX, a safe stabilized liquid containing bacteria, non-caustic and non-hazardous surfactants, detergent dispersing agents, and special solvents that cuts through grease fast and holds the dispersed grease in suspension. The bacteria then get to work on that grease and the dispersing agents degrading them and improving flow in your pipes. It contains no corrosive chemicals and will not harm your system. Pipetechs offers DynaClean-LX as part of our service agreement.

Roots Can Clog Your Pipes

If you have trees or other large plants near your home roots may also cause clogs in your pipes. As the roots grow down they tend to break into pipes from the top and since water is plentiful they multiply up to the point that your pipe is clogged. One way of dealing with this is to mechanically cut the roots. Unfortunately roots that are cut often grow back in as little as 9 months. This is where RootX comes in. Available only from licensed agents like Pipetechs, RootX is composed of 2 chemicals that foam when they are mixed with water. This foaming action allows it to reach up to the top of the pipe where most roots break into pipes. It can be applied from a toilet or a clean out in your yard. Yearly applications are enough to prevent further growth and clogs from roots.

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