How To Prepare Your Plumbing For A Storm.

Don't wait until a big storm comes along to  find out that your gutters are full of leaves or that your floor drain in the basement is backing up. So, below is a list of a few quick checks and reminders of things you can do in advance to help ensure your plumbing works correctly during a storm.

Drains in a Storm 
(floor, tub/shower, sinks)

    • Free flowing - pour water down the drain to make sure it doesn't drain slowly or is clogged
    • Traps - again by pouring water down the drains it ensures the traps aren't dry keeping harmful sewage gases from entering your home
    • Grates/Covers - make sure these are easily removed in case repair work needs to be done after the storm

Toilets in a Storm

    • Flush your toilets to ensure they aren't flushing slowly or backing up.
    • Leaks - Look for any signs of water damage in the area around your toilet as this is a sign the wax seal is leaking. Also use dye in the tank water and wait 30 minutes. If it shows up in the bowl within that time there's a leak which could cause trouble during a storm.
    • Water Supply - Make sure you can turn on/off the water supply to your toilets.

Faucets in a Storm

    • Check for leaking faucets around the handles and any slow or fast drips.
    • Make sure the faucets can be turned off/on correctly - ie. they don't take a long time to turn off or are hard to shut off.
    • Again make sure you can shut off the water supply to all your sink faucets.

Gutters/Downspouts in a Storm

    • Ensure your gutters are clear of debris.
    • Make sure there's nothing obstructing the areas where downspouts let their water out.
    • Pour water into your gutters to make sure they and the downspouts allow a free flow of water.

During the Storm

    • Use the plumbing as little as possible. Even if everything was working properly before doesn't guarantee it will during or after the storm.
    • Keep emergency numbers nearby.
    • Keep tools to turn off gas/power to your home. If you are evacuating turn it off before you leave.

For more tips on hurricane preparedness visit NOAA's website. If you find your plumbing needs repair after the storm please don't delay in calling a plumber to make those repairs especially if you notice a sewer smell. PipeTechs is an experienced provider of disaster recovery plumbing aide. Call us at (919)-293-1221 day or night. Also keep our plumbing service agreement in mind as we will annually come inspect your home's plumbing to ensure it works properly for times like these.