Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. Most people don’t give it a second thought unless it isn’t working like it should. If it’s time to replace your water heater we recommend considering a heater from A.O. Smith, State, Bradford White, Noritz. These manufacturers provide reliable efficient water heaters that include gas, electric, high efficiency, and tankless models. These water heaters may cost more than other brands but any water heater is an investment, so why not invest in the best one that your budget allows? Many of these water heaters are so efficient that they qualify for energy saving rebates.

Investing In A Water Heater

If you’ve chosen to install a Noritz tankless water heater let us congratulate you on your choice. This type of heater will pay for itself in about 5 years depending on your situation and continue to grant you savings in the following years and offers a generous warranty on your system. If you’ve already decided to invest in an A.O. Smith, State, or Bradford White water heater instead you may be interested to know that only a certified service provider is allowed to perform warranty work on your unit. This is to ensure that your heater continues to perform as well as it was designed to after the warranty work is completed.

Installing & Servicing Your Water Heater

If you are still looking for a plumber you can trust to install and/or service your water heater then look no farther. We are a certified A.O.Smith and State service provider as well as a Noritz service agent. We can perform the installation, including removal of your old water heater, we can move your water heater’s location from a hot and stifling attic to a lower floor, and any warranty work should your water heater have any performance issues while it is under warranty. If you are hesitant about the cost we can come to your home and provide a free estimate and help point you to rebates that may help lower your bill. Pipetechs isn’t limited to servicing only these brands of water heaters, our experienced and friendly plumbers can work on any brand of water heater in your home. In fact our plumbing service agreement includes an annual servicing of your water heater to ensure its optimal performance.

Please call us at 919-293-1221 for all of your water heater needs.