Pipetechs RootX

Are invasive roots wreaking havoc on your Raleigh, NC area plumbing?
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If you have trees or other large plants near your home roots may also cause clogs in your pipes. As the roots grow down they tend to break into pipes from the top and since water is plentiful they multiply up to the point that your pipe is clogged. One way of dealing with this is to mechanically cut the roots. Unfortunately roots that are cut often grow back in as little as 9 months. This is where RootX comes in. Available only from licensed agents like Pipetechs, RootX is composed of 2 chemicals that foam when they are mixed with water. This foaming action allows it to reach up to the top of the pipe where most roots break into pipes. It can be applied from a toilet or a clean out in your yard. Yearly applications are enough to prevent further growth and clogs from roots.

Don’t let invasive roots ruin the plumbing in your Raleigh, NC area home or business!
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