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Do you have a serious plumbing issues in your Triangle Area home and want to know how much repair services will costs?

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Disclaimer: A Free Estimate is not to be confused with a Billable Diagnostic.

Billable Plumbing Diagnostic

  • Customer is experiencing an issue but does not know what is causing it.

  • Technician must perform work to further diagnose the problem.

$95.00 +tax Diagnostic Fee*

*Once the diagnostic is completed and an estimate for work is accepted by the customer, the Diagnostic fee is credited towards any work that is done.

Free Plumbing Estimate

  • Customer knows what the problem is and the service that needs to be provided.*

  • Technician must be on site.

  • No actual work is performed.

*Information for a Plumbing estimate must be accurate.
Additional/Diagnostic fees may apply for inaccurate information.



Is your plumbing not working correctly and you need to know the cost to fix it? PipeTechs can help with a Free Estimate!

Now I know you may have heard other companies promise "free estimates" that aren't really free. They may charge a service call fee for the estimate, or give you a high pressured sales pitch in order to have you pay for their work. At PipeTechs free estimates are actually free. There's no pressure and no service call fee. You can take as much time to decide if you'd like us to do the work for you as you need to.

With Pipetechs you also don't have to worry about who's at your door. All of our plumbers have a background screening through Plus One Solutions. They will call before arriving so you know who to expect. They also drive marked vans and wear Pipetechs uniforms so there is never any doubt about their identity. Every plumber we employ is courteous and knowledgeable. You can expect the free estimate that they give you will be accurate and will not contain any unnecessary work. Our plumbers also wear booties and gloves as necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your home or business.

Our free estimates do not come with any kind of expiration. If you want to wait or approve only a portion of the work then we are happy to oblige. The plumber will give you a written copy of the free estimate before leaving and you will also receive a second typed copy of your free estimate in the mail a few days later. The plumber will not pressure you to have the work done at the time the estimate is given.

At Pipetechs our free estimates are completely free with no strings attached given by courteous, experienced, and background screened plumbers. So if your meter is spinning, your toilet isn't flushing, your water heater isn't heating, or if there's a bad smell coming from a floor drain then don't put it off any longer.